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For over three decades we've been committed to tile floor installs that last look stunning and cost less than you might think.  By keeping our overhead low and our focus on customer service high, we offer incredible rates on complete bathroom floor tile installs.

Whether you're renovating the bathroom of your old Victorian, remodeling the floor of your master bath's shower, or a contractor seeking a reliable and skilled tile floor installer.

  • Choose from hundreds of brilliant designs in all styles
  • A full spectrum of floor tile colors are available
  • The lowest rates on kitchen & bathroom tile floors
  • Accent your new floor with a matching backsplash
  • All new floor installations guaranteed in writing
  • Floor tile replacement available for virtually all budgets

DeAngelis Installs Tile Floors in Rochester

Making the decision to install new floors, is not one to be made lightly.  You need to know that the company you choose has your best interests at heart.  At Deangelis, we've built our reputation and success by treating customers with respect, and the ability to see the importance of each job through their eyes.

If you're ready to start talking about your new tile floors, give us a call and let us know what you have in mind.  Something simple?  Something bold?  Something extravagant?  We do it all, and hope our gallery pictures help inspire your imagination.


When You Have Tile Questions, We've Got Tile Answers

Believe us, we know what a big step this is. That's why we at DeAngelis Tile in Rochester, are happy to take as much time as needed; answering your questions, envisioning your idea, and making the magic happen once a plan has been developed. What's on your mind? We would love to know!