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The grout in your kitchen and bathroom can get pretty nasty over time.  It may just look like discoloration to the naked eye, but there's a lot more going on down there.  Bacteria and other potentially-harmful compounds thrive in the crevices of your grout, and over time they can become increasingly-difficult to remove.  It takes a skilled tile expert with patience and a proven technique, to properly address discolored grout. In some cases, discolored grout may only need good scrubbing.  More stubborn cases require re-grouting, a process that can add many years of beauty and cleanliness to your home.  This is where you need a reputable & skilled grout expert.

Trusted in Rochester for Tile & Grout

  • Re-Grouting in Rochester and throughout Western NY
  • We can re-grout even the oldest tile, bath or kitchen
  • Over 30 years of professional tile installation experience
  • We use safe and environmentally-sustainable products
  • All tile & grout services guaranteed 100%

Countertop Regrout


When You Have Tile Questions, We've Got Tile Answers

Believe us, we know what a big step this is. That's why we at DeAngelis Tile in Rochester, are happy to take as much time as needed; answering your questions, envisioning your idea, and making the magic happen once a plan has been developed. What's on your mind? We would love to know!