Yes there is such a luxury, but only for the few... Everyone loves luxury and there is no other greater than warm tiles in your tile floor! Imagine not having those little carpets in front of your vanity any more! You can actually see the tile floor you chose. What a shame to cover up, what you so diligently selected for your remodeling bathroom tile job!

No one buys a car without air conditioning anymore... no matter what the cost! Why stop there? The woman in your life Loves Warmth, and their is no other place they spend so much of their time as in a bathroom. If you live in Rochester, N.Y. Warm tiles in your bathroom is a must! The installation process is not complicated, their will be a thermostat on the wall to adjust the heat to your liking, and the heat radiates to warm the floor. The monthly electrical cost is extremely low for such a product, and the results will be out of this world!

Imagine what your friends and extended family members will think! Heated tiles! How could you afford such a thing? I would rather ask how could you afford not too! A professional tile man as myself has installed many heated floors for his customers and they never regretted a penny of its cost! Warm tile floors are the ultimate luxury and it will be the icing on the cake for your newly tiled bathroom, or kitchen floor.

Warm tiles may not necessarily be out of your budget, and it is a luxurious upgrade in any home.  Call Erminio, "The Tile Man" today for a free consultation. It cant hurt to ask, and I promise you the most affordable luxury anyone can have in their home.

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