Bathtubs should have been outdated with 8 track players... (some of you may not even know what they are!) You are in a hurry, get showered and get clean. Very few people use a bathtub enough to justify it being part of your shower stall. Of course You would like one for your children, but if you have two baths in your home, your master bath should be a walk in shower stall. Even if you don't have two baths, I assure you will not loose resale value on your home because there is no bathtub. Little bathtubs for children are available at any baby department store. I guarantee the resale value will be greater with a custom walk in tile shower stall in your home. Many older people are looking for easy access, in and out, of shower units with built in seats!

Bathtubs take up precious floor space, The Tile Man in Rochester NY, can take out that outdated bathtub and convert it into a beautiful walk in custom tile shower stall. Wow! what a difference it will make for floor space, and the beauty of tile to boot! Then we can put a seat in it, a custom recessed soap niche, some beautiful listello decorative boarder tile, and  then top it off with a nice clear glass door so you can see the new, beautiful, shower stall anytime you are in the room... now we are talking.

shower constructiontiled shower remodel

Custom Tile Finished with custom seat

Erminio, The Tile Man has installed at least a thousand of these walk in units. They don't leak! don't be afraid when an amateur tile person says they do, because they don't know how to install one. First we take out the old bathtub space, center the drain for the new pan, then we put chorolay rubber membrane around the entire floor plan. (the rubber membrane gets locked and sealed at the drain) We then pour a mud mix cement pan sloped to a custom square drain grate, (and we can coordinate the color of the grate to your new plumbing fixtures). Then, and only the Tile Man in Rochester NY, will apply a second coat of water proofing on top of the dry cement bed, then it gets the tile. Finally a beautiful solid stone botticino marble sill for the new shower door.

Because The Tile Man has vast experience in these type of remodeling projects, we can usually finish a conversion in three to four days, this keeps the price down. It is affordable and it is convenience and luxury when complete. Call the tile Man today for a free estimate. Life is to short to spend it in a bathtub!