Of the many ways which exist to improve the look of your kitchen, few offer the creative possibilities as custom kitchen tile, can.  Whether it's a colorful tile backsplash for your kitchen sink, protecting or replacing the tile trim around your countertop or cabinets, or enhancing the look of your kitchen with custom tile runners, there are literally no limits to what can be created; with proper imagination and a skilled tile installer.

Kitchen & Hallway Tile Flooring

Custom Tile Kitchen Backsplashes in Rochester

One of the most popular and wildly-inventive ways to breathe new life into your Rochester dram kitchen, is to design and install a customized kitchen sink back splash.  Not only will it drastically increase the appearance and style of your kitchen, but it also helps protect the drywall behind it from slowly eroding over the years.  At Deangelis Tile in Rochester, we have been doing custom kitchen backsplashes for over 30 years!

Kitchen Tile Trim and Accents

Clearly, custom tile trim is one of the more stylish and sophisticated-looking kitchen upgrades.  It can instantly enhance the look of your kitchen, and allows you to get really bold and clever with the trim and accents.  Tile is a wonderful alternative to wood baseboards, and can serve as a stunning accent to your kitchen cabinets, pantry, and other essentials.  Best of all, the colors and cut patterns are literally limitless.

Custom Tile Countertops

We know what you're thinking... "but we already have a nice stone countertop."   Think again.  Tile is an outstanding way to bring out the secondary colors in your stone or granite countertops.  For example, if your counters are gray with black accents, adding black, white or even a vividly-colored tile in a custom pattern, will enhance the depth and richness of your existing countertops.  There are so many options, and it really helps to discuss this with an experienced tile professional.

If you're looking for a highly-skilled and vastly experienced tile installer, look no further than the Tile Man.  Deangelis Tile has proudly served the Rochester NY region for over 30 years, and looks forward to showing you why we're #1 for tile, grout and cabinets in WNY.