We removed an outdated bathtub in the upstairs master bedroom. We redirected the drain from the bathtub to the center of the floor for a new custom tiled shower pan. We installed a new shower plumbing converter with fixtures. We put up new cement board for a new tiled shower area. We installed a pre-fabricated stone seat in the corner. We installed a new recessed soap niche with a shelf (made of travertine stone). Two corner dishes were also installed made of the same cut of travertine. A listello decorative boarder was also installed about two thirds of the way up to ceiling. The wall tile was installed right up to the ceiling. We used a stain fighting grout additive, and sealed all corners of shower stall with caulk. We put in a marble shower curb on the tiled floor pan for a seamless, watertight transition. Not shown in video, but a new glass shower door was also installed.